For Buyers

Buying in Oakville

Oakville is one of the best places to live in Canada - a beautiful, lakefront town that’s ideal for families and executives with its many wonderful recreational, cultural and educational facilities and its traditional downtown ’High Street’ offering fine dining, a choice of coffee shops, art galleries and a wonderful selection of stores.

It’s an easy commute to Toronto either by car or GO train and there are fabulous places for weekend and day trips.

Whether you are moving just around the corner or half-way across the world, looking for your dream lakeside home or for your first place in Oakville, let Denise introduce you to where you'll love to work and love to live.


Buyer Representation

In the 'old days' of real estate, only the sellers were represented by Realtors and 'Buyer Beware' was the common understanding.

Nowadays we offer home buyers two options - they may choose to be a client and be represented, under an exclusive representation agreement with a licensed Realtor who will put the buyer's best interests first. Alternatively, buyers may choose to be a customer and look after their own interests while having a Realtor show them homes and make offers under a non-exclusive arrangement.

It is important that buyers understand the options offered before viewing homes and making offers. Denise would be happy to meet with you to explain the details of both alternatives and ensure you have sufficient information to choose the arrangement that best suits you.